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I wrote this as an email to a friend on Facebook, but really, it's more important to post it about (and Facebook's status line is a bit too short for this one):

This is a review of an article from 'Foreign Policy' magazine regarding the potential for peace in the mideast.  It's titled, "The False Religion of Mideast Peace: And why I'm no longer a believer" (link).

Here's what I wrote:

Well, for an 'expert' he glosses over an issue that I've found quite disturbing (p.4 he makes it sound like the 2008 Gazan issue was *their* fault, instead of a valid response to the Israelis' attack).  Our news only covered one item that day (Obama's election), and we didn't get any coverage until after it appeared that the Gazans had initiated it (very shrewd on the Israeli side).

And he parrots the BS about Iran's nuclear ambitions.  I've called the IAEA twice as a journalist reporting on this.  They were very helpful, and each time, noted that the calls from journalists to their offices for 'horses mouth' stuff were infrequent.

The IAEA has exactly *ZERO* concerns about Iran creating a weapon of any sort.  You can call yourself and confirm this (lines are likely open--nobody calls them).

The US/Israeli 'intel' in this case is just as valid as the intel on those WMDs in Iraq.  For example, the recent "outing" of their new plant was done not through 'spies' but by reading the report they submitted to IAEA (a year in advance of requirements).  The news made it sound like we'd 'uncovered' a secret, when it's just paperwork.

It's all about leaving just one 'superpower' in the area, Israel, and about making sure that all oil is valued in dollars (the real 'connection' between Venezuela, Iran, and Iraq is that all three started accepting Euros--Iraq's fixed now, but the other two will bring our house of cards economy down).

I think the most telling part is what he leaves out about Rabin's death.

You see, Rabin was murdered by an Israeli.  We never hear (here) about their 'right-wing' faction (the power right now).  Netanyahu is the head, but the power is shared with even *more* extreme right-wing parties than his.

The far-right in Israel believes that G-d has chosen them, and that 'goyim' (us) aren't human (human animals--without souls). 

Even *our* right-wing nutjobs who have 'castes' (usually of  race, but sometimes of religion) at least consider the 'lower' castes human.

In the case of Rabin, right-wing rabbis issued a 'fatwa' (can't find the actual Jewish term for their equivalent--but it's the same, a call for an individual to be killed to save the religion).

His assassin (Yigal Amir) is regularly denied a pardon by the president, but it's regular (keeps coming up because some of them think he's a hero).

Here's an article from Ha'aretz:

It's complex, but till we are all working with the same set of facts, it will never be simple.

Once Americans see not just the 'nice Jews' but these nasty asshole Zionist Jews, it becomes pretty clear.  We've got lots of the nice ones here.  The nasty ones all went there (to get 'their' land back from the goyim).  They believe that they own everything from the ocean to the edge of Jordan (the east edge), or will, eventually.

They are bringing destruction down upon themselves by being that way, but really, what's one to do?

I'd hate that any of my Jewish friends here got tarred with that brush.

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