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Y'all know that I care about our country and have been saddened by our political mess for years.  Well, lately, my view has been "distilled" or at least focused a bit tighter on a few root or key issues that cause and/or effect much of the rest.  One major pain, for me, is the enormous amount of lying that comes out of politicians' and political pudits' mouths.  Sometimes it really seems the whole thing is just one version or another of the ancient formulas for people control, that is, divide-and-conquer or bread-and-circuses.  Consequently, when I see stuff that zeroes-in on the lies or sheds some clear light on the Big Picture, I like it and want to share it.

Now, this first article is kinda long, and it challenges big myths that most of us hold onto about America, so it may be a tough read and you may want to argue about it.  But if you don't read any of it, at least have a look at the "tube charts" below the text; they really can't be argued with:

Then, there's this video on the real Tea Party from Thom Hartmann, and again it's kinda long, but the essence is that the incident that sparked the American Revolution was an act of rebellion against a government-granted tax break for world's largest multi-national corporation.  I found it a fascinating real history lesson you didn't learn in school:

Finally, the one that'll surprise those who know me as a libertarian, I figure we're in dire need of a balancing fact-based review of American progress in the face of massive media-manipulated corporate-sponsored political distortions of our history and current state of affairs:

Of course, all this begs the question, "What the hell can we do about it?"  Well, before we can do much, we have to know the truth... and, I think, spread it around.

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