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I've been taking a vacation, working on my cure (nearly done, in almost every way--I'm amazed at the synchronization--I suspect that my arthritis, my allergies, my gastrointestinal issues and my "rash" will be gone on the same day, as well as my like of sugar, drink and tobacco).

That said, I'm absolutely unimpressed with this bunch of morons with memory issues that I live with.

To wit, what's up with you folks and Iran?  Aren't you paying attention, or do you just not care?

I mean, look at the "evidence".  It's presented by two KNOWN liars (the US Government and the Israeli Government).

The guys who are telling us that the Iranians have secret "WMD"s are the SAME folks who told us the Iraqis had them.

The IAEA has NOT released any new information which would indicate this was true.  They have re-released old information since the new chief (bought by the US) was installed, but still have no unfulfilled requests pending investigation in Iran.  In other words, they don't think there are nukes in Iran.

Today, bombs were set in India and Georgia, which "targeted" Israeli diplomats.  No Israeli diplomats were killed (in fact, in Georgia, the bomb didn't even go off).

The Israeli government came out within hours saying it "knew" it was the Iranians.

The Iranians have previously claimed that they were going to retaliate against the USA and Israel for killing all it's nuke scientists.

The method used against the Israeli diplomats was the same method used against the Iranian scientists (magnetic bombs on cars).

For one to believe this bogus report, one first has to forget that the intelligence sources in question are liars who have literally lied us into war, and that the one KNOWN nuclear power in the mideast (Israel has over 200 nukes per our OWN estimates) lies about it to this day, and DOES NOT participate in the IAEA (since they lie about it).  You'd also have to forget that Israel has attacked the US (google the "Liberty" attack), and that they are currently in violation of the UN Charter inasmuch as they have occupied a foreign country and are attempting genocide by attrition. 

And you'd have to believe that the Iranians would try to hide something that they said they were going to do (which one would presume would be a "pride" thing, and which they'd claim, even if it only got close).

And you'd have to believe that the Iranians decided not to go for the "big hit" and picked a bunch of nobodies to "hit".

So I've got this land in Florida I can let you steal for pennies on the gallon.  It's a great investment in a time of total world war.  You should pick it up while it's still cheap.

I live in an asylum, but we're all locked in here, and the doctors are nuttier than the patients.

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