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Frank S.ent a great article

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On medical pot as a business.  LINK

There are hilarious cartoons at the bottom.  You have to click the next half-hidden one to make it show up, but it's worth the effort.

Why They Get Along

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This morning on the news the songwriting duo of Jerome "Jerry" Leiber (born April 25, 1933) and composer Mike Stoller (born March 13, 1933),

When asked how they were able to stay partners for so long, Jerry said, "We argue.  We never resolve anything.  If we were to resolve our differences, we'd be done."

New digs, new life

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So, I'm now here in Silicon Valley, and LOVING it.

I found a BBQ place (REAL BBQ, not 'grilled on the Barbie'), and it's walking distance from my place.



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