Bus Stop, Wet Day, She's there, I say ...

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You are either on the bus, or off the bus, as the quite mortal Mr. Kesey put it.

Before being on the bus, you are at the bus stop.  I was today.  I met a girl.  

Or I should say "She met me."  She surely thought she wanted to.  I could tell.  She was all over me at the bus stop.  Now, had I been more attracted to her, I might have done things a tad differently (perhaps not, but maybe).

I didn't want to be impolite, but when she asked if we could go to dinner together, I knew I'd have to do something subtle.  Since I had a late lunch I had a ready-made excuse for that.

So I listened, and conversed, until she got around to a salient question: "Would you want to be in love again?"

And of course, I said "Sure."  But I followed up with pointing out that I doubted anyone would ever be in that relationship with me as I'm terminally weird (nice, and cheerful, but hopelessly weird and contrarian to a major extent).

She asked.  When I got to the part about the Archangel Seraphial yelling at me to go to the pharmacy to buy witch hazel, I saw success.

We continued to talk, but she never did what I'd been concerned about (followed me home).

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