For The Chess Player You Know Has 'Everything'

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It was unearthed just recently.  Supposedly, the illustrations are by Da Vinci:


Facsimile of the original manuscript about chess by Luca Pacioli who wrote this treatise in the vernacular in XVI century. (Archivio Coronini Cronberg. Biblioteca "il gioco degli scacchi", ms. mm. 160x115, cc. 48,XV sec., collocation n. 7955). It contains "decisions" made in the medieval manner and others in accordance with the new " a la rabiosa" technique introduced at the end of the XV century. The case contains the facsimile and the critical essay: Luca Pacioli's chess. Renaissance evolution of a mathematical game.


Dimensions cm 11,5 x 16
The facsimile is presented in a special box made from a single block of mature oak. The box has been made by hand and each is immersed in a mixture of incense, myrrh, mastic, and biological alcohol in order to preserve it and ensure it does not alter with time.
The spine of the box is printed with fifteenth-century characters.
The pages of the facsimile have been folded and cut by hand.
The edges of the pages have been treated with coloured methylcellulose.
The pages are hand-sewn using a full stitch on two cords using hemp with cotton thread.
The cover is made from hand-coloured goatskin and the friezes are blind-stamped with a magnesium plate.
Language: vernacular. 


The slipcase contains the facsimile and a critical essay that explains the work itself.
The slipcase is embellished with gold tooling and a window in the front board that offers an immediate view of the beauty of the facsimile.
Each copy is numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
The edition is restricted to 999 numbered and certified copies.

Price: available on request

If you read Italian, you might like the Flash video that goes with (pix are cool, anyway, but it would be better to be able to read it):

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