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I have from time to time (ok, damn near obsessively) poked fun at various 'prophets' like that nutjob from the 700 Club, Robertson, and the re-re-re-writer of 'End Times', Hal Lindsey (who both make a living off of being 'prophets', when they are really just 'profits').

But I must point out that (in 1973, when this one was penned) this account sounded more like science fiction than any of the others, yet it's come exactly true, just as he wrote (except for this big thing in the sky and world money that's not happened yet).  Certainly the 'Christian' church is supporting in major ways many of the war crimes of the world, which inspires many people to hate 'christ' (not the real christ, the freakin' world-conquering christ that the xians so love and want to show up, immediately).  And of course, true lovers of the almighty are being persecuted because they aren't 'tough enough' on 'them' (the 'others' who we hate changes day to day, but they're there to be hated, and if you don't do it with the haters, they hate you, too).

I promise them, they (haters) never want to meet the christ.  They'd simply fall apart out of pure shame.  There's no way to 'integrate' the hateful thoughts they bear with the love of god. There's no way that one can hate anyone, or anything, other than haters (proper use of hatred there--mirrors are the best cleaning tool for this), still, one shouldn't fixate on it.

In other words, I don't find many 'Christians' on Earth, to speak of.

So, hats off to David Wilkerson, author of 'The Cross and the Switchblade', who also penned 'The Vision'.  Here a synopsis from the wiki:

Wilkerson believes that in April 1973 he received a vision regarding the future of the United States and subsequently gave a sermon on the vision and published a book called The Vision. He has said that God revealed to him a great calamity which was going to befall America due to increase in sins such as homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, and greed.

Some of the details of this reputed vision were:

  1. "Worldwide recession caused by economic confusion"
    • "At most a few more fat flourishing years, and then an economic recession that's going to affect the life style of every wage-earner in the world. The world economists are going to be at loss to explain what's happening. It's going to start in Europe, spread to Japan and finally to the United States."
    • There will be a move toward a worldwide, unified monetary system. The US dollar will be hit bad and it will take years for it to recover.
    • The only real security will be in real estate (until a somewhat later stage, at which point this apparent security will also disappear).
  2. "Nature having labor pains"
    • Environmentalists will come under heavy criticism.
    • There will be major earthquakes.
    • There will be a major famine.
    • Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will increase in frequency.
    • "A new kind of cosmic storm appearing as a raging fire in the sky leaving a kind of vapor trail."[2]
  3. "A flood of filth and a baptism of dirt in America"
    • Topless women will appear on television, followed by full nudity.
    • Adult, X rated movies will be shown on cable television. Young people will gather at homes to watch this kind of material in groups.
    • Sex and the occult will be mixed.
    • There will be an acceptance of homosexuality, and the church will even say that it is a God-given gift.
  4. "Rebellion in the home"
    • "I see the new number one youth problem in America and the world as hatred towards parents."[2]
  5. "A persecution madness against truly Spirit filled Christians who love Jesus Christ"
    • There will arise a world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church, using Christ in name only.
    • There will be a hate Christ movement.
    • There will be a spiritual awakening behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains.
  6. Others
    • There will be another wave of riots.
    • There will be a fall in moral conduct.
    • There will be a new drug that will be popular with teenagers that will break down resistance and will encourage sexual activity.
    • Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and this will be heralded as a new breed of pioneer.
    • There will be nude dancing in church, but this will never be widespread.
    • There will be occult practices in churches.

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