To The Elders

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I get this tripe in email pretty regularly about how good the 'old days' were.  Let me reply:

In the old days, you couldn't get any water other than what was coming out of the tap.  Today, water is fast becoming the new 'oil', and if we keep overpopulating, will be the cause of future wars.

In the old days, your friends were who you picked from the people around you.  Now, you get to pick from the whole world.

In the old days, you could dream that someday, Americans could do anything, even send a man to the moon.  Today, we can't even dream that we can clean up our mess.

In the old days, Americans were more self-reliant.  So much so, that they elected Reagan, who turned off many of the support systems, so that the taxpayers could keep their money and donate it to the charities (yeah, sure).

In the old days, Americans used money that was made from precious metals, so that one always knew how much the money was worth.  Of course, the Vietnam War cost inflated our currency, which Carter tried to fix, but ultimately Reaganomics made that impossible to sustain.

In the old days, manufacturers were allowed to build unsafe products and sell them to unsuspecting individuals, food providers were mostly unregulated, and simple safety rules had yet to be devised.  TENS OF THOUSANDS of people died, were maimed, poisoned or amputated in the process of developing oversight.

Today, we still allow banksters to build unsafe monetary products and sell them because Americans want to take all that money that they never donated to the charities and invest it in the next get-rich scheme.  Oh, but they lost it, didn't they?  Too bad.  

In the old days, doctors prescribed cannabis.

In the old days, the mixture of people in the population was SO whitebread that the kinds of 'discrimination' most likely to occur were WASP/Catholic issues and Northern/Southern European issues (the southern ones are 'dark' yano, and they smell like garlic).

In the old days, people were so concerned about the 'Red Menace' of the 'godless Communists' that they blasphemed the holy name of God and put references to Him on their money and in their 'pledge' (oath, which one is not to take, except to Him).  It's still there.

In the old days, most Americans were a bunch of provincial, narrow-minded, bigoted assholes with the misconception that they were somehow 'different' from other countries and immune to the types of corruption that happens elsewhere.  

At least that's still pretty much the same.

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