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So, I'm walking into to the grocery store, and I see this little pipsqueak of a woman who looked just like Al Nakbah, walked like her, and even talked like her.

At first, I thought with horror, "OMG, she's BACK!" (wonder if she still has her gun--if she was back, I'd definitely report to the Sheriff that I know she lied on that application).

She had sunglasses on when she got in the store, and as I got over towards the checkout, I saw her at customer service, and even the gestures were the same (and the tone in the voice, and the voice--she had a way of complaining about things that was quite practiced--manipulative, even).

It was really creeping me out, so I went over to the DVDs just so I could see the front of her face w/o the sunglasses.  I was very relieved to find that it wasn't actually her.

But it was amazing that this entirely different person had so many traits in common.  

And really creepy.

Probably the same kind of person, too (met altogether too many of them--single women who hate men but ply them eagerly and convincingly for 'benefits').  The one who scratched her diamond ring on my iPhone face was one of them.  She never knew I caught her lie (the old phone number she gave me when we met was her boyfriend's phone that she was using--when he dumped her, he got the phone back).  There was one 'homeless' woman (somewhat by choice) who explained to me that it didn't make any sense to work, and who got money for being 'disabled' (I learned this as she was weeding my yard rather vigorously.  She lied repeatedly about using the MEC keycode to sneak in when all the DJs were gone (that was her 'home').  I caught her about three out of five days when I came in early to do the morning news slot.

That's part of the 'dating' problem in a way.  I mean, it's bad enough that there's all sorts of incurable STDs going around, but the thought that a woman (like the above) might have one and be INTENTIONALLY dating (to 'get back' at men) is just creepy beyond belief.

I sure am glad that they invented cyber-sex.  There's no way you can catch anything from your PC, and you can get to know that part of the other w/o actually having to incur risk.

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