There Is a 'Last Part' to any War

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And that is the suppression of the stories.  This came to light this week in the call for April being recognized as 'Confederate History Month' in many states in the South.

Given that the med-mar issue (and hopefully, the future legal status of cannabis in California) is a states-rights issue, I find this very inspiring.

So, that said, it's important, after one has won the military battle, to win the 'Hearts & Minds' of all the conquered.

If one wants to keep the battle mounted, and one has lost the military aspect, one also needs to attend to this same thing.

So, in the aftermath of the War of the Southern Secession, it is important for the Federal government to re-cast this event for PR purposes.

Thus, it became the 'War to Free the Slaves', when it's obvious from a reading of the history (at the time) that it's sheer poppycock.

You see, had it been a 'War to Free the Slaves', one would have some great trouble explaining how (before any shots were fired) nine of the Federal states were slave-holding states (five of which seceded in a second wave, in response to shots being fired).

Yes, the four slave states that supplied troops to the Federal government surely weren't being recruited to 'free the slaves', right?

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