Over The Top

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Howard Crabtree's "When Pigs Fly" is one of the better musicals (in general) I've run across.  It's witty and well written, and it's terribly funny (at least the version I saw presented in Albuquerque).  In any case, I've looked for lyrics to the grand finale for some years, and though I remembered the CD had a fat booklet, even it didn't have them.  So I typed them in by hand:

Over the Top
by Howard Crabtree

There's a place I've dreamed about 

like paradise, but farther out.

How to get there, who can say?

There's no map to show the way.

It's waiting somewhere off the scale, 

around the bend, beyond the pale

Over the top,

I want to go over the top.

I'm ready to pack up and move 

to the place I can prove

I don't know when to stop.

I'm gonna stake my claim 

where it's never the 'same old, same old'.

Should I  just stay put, 

and paint by numbers?

Don't insult me, catapult me ...

Over the top.

I want to be more than ok.

I want to relocate my base 

to that magical place

I can go all the way.

I'll build my castle in the air, 

and that's where I'll set up shop,

when I'm o-o-o-o-o-over the top.

I want to find the spot 

where all that you've got is accepted.

Will the compromisers overtake me?  

They can't lick me, just drop-kick me ...

Over the top.

I want to be one of a kind.

I want to create a display 

that makes everyone say 

that I'm out of my mind.

When you give your all to just one dream

make sure it's the cream of the crop!

Take it o-o-o-o-o-over the top!

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