Spay and Neuter your pets

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I'm still stupefied by the fact that I'm living in a nation of people who are so uneducated that the failure of our election system is *not* noticed.

The fact that we don't have any kind of 'Instant Run-Off' replacing our horse-race system of 'First Past the Post' (where in a five way race, anyone over twenty percent might be the 'winner') is just the pinnacle.

That we don't use *any* proportional representation in our legislative bodies is telling as well.

But I think the start would be to allow only people (er, *PEOPLE*) to participate in politics.  If you aren't human, why should you be allowed a 'say' in matters. And even if you *are* human, why should you be able to influence races that you can't vote in? 

In any case, the basics are there.  Our system is so flawed that *nobody* can validate our elections (even the Carter Center refuses). 

Our system is so influenced by corporate money that even though the *majority* of HUMANS want a single-payer system of health care, that's not even on the table.  The only question on the  table is whether we let the humans have an out from the system they are devising of *forced* payment into *for profit* insurance companies. 

For every thousand hacking at the bramble, one hacks at the roots (Thoreau). 

The root cause is letting non-humans into the system, and the method by which they manipulate the single party with two factions that represents *them* is by dividing us. 

If we don't start by neutering the non-human entities, why bother?

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