My Friend Paris Clueless

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I don't use real names here (for the most part), and Paris' nom-de-plume is Paris, so he's Paris here, too.

Paris tried to convince me that I needed to concentrate more on getting out my 'message'.

I tried to explain to him that, even if I thought I might be able to pass along the experiences I've gathered, I'd never do that to anyone.

First (foremost), they were something that God gave to me, personally, and won't have much meaning to other people.

Second, they were something that was given intimately, and there's simply no way to convey that level of communication through any other means.

Third (significantly) my *personal* experiences are not only of no use to others, but they are counter-productive in many ways, as one could not have gotten to the level of understanding I'm at by skipping levels below, and each *painful* lesson has to be hand-gathered and christened with one's own blood.

You can't get it from a book, in other words.

Not only that, but if you could, you wouldn't want it, anyways.

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