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It's what happened to "Secret Agent Man".  I was off by one prime number when I told MIke that there were thirteen episodes.

From the wiki:


The series follows a British agent who abruptly resigns his job and then finds himself captive in a mysterious seaside "village" whose leader tries to find out why he quit. Throughout the series, the unnamed prisoner, labelled "Number Six" by his captors, tries to escape while defying all attempts to break his will. He also tries to discover for which "side" his captors work and the identity of the never-seen "Number One", who presumably runs the Village. Number Six often thwarts the various individuals serving as the Village's chief administrator, "Number Two." As the series reaches its climax, Number Six's indomitable resistance and mounting blows against the administration threaten the viability of the Village itself, which forces its desperate warders to take drastic action. The series features striking and often surreal storylines, and themes include hypnosishallucinogenic drug experiences, identity theftmind controldream manipulation, and various forms of social indoctrination. A major theme is individualism versus collectivism.

Here's the 'Inter-Tile' (picture at the beginning/end):

Title  ↓Original airdate (UK)[1]  ↓Number Twoplayed by  ↓Plot  ↓KTEH  ↓6of1  ↓ITC  ↓1st  ↓McG  ↓
ArrivalOctober 1,1967Guy Doleman
George Baker
After waking up in the Village and discovering his captivity there, Number Six encounters a friend from the outside who may have a possible escape.11111
The Chimes of Big BenOctober 8,1967Leo McKernA new prisoner, Nadia, may have information about the Village that makes an escape attempt possible.45225
A. B. and C.October 15,1967Colin GordonA desperate Number Two tampers with Number Six's dreams to discover where his loyalties lie.9633-
Free For AllOctober 22,1967Eric Portman
Rachel Herbert
Presented with the opportunity, Number Six runs for election to the post of Number Two.52443
The Schizoid ManOctober 29,1967Anton RodgersNumber Two replaces Number Six with a duplicate to weaken the real Six's sense of identity.7855-
The GeneralNovember 5,1967Colin GordonAn important prisoner's new speed-teaching machine poses perhaps the greatest threat to Number Six's independence.8766-
Many Happy ReturnsNovember 121967Georgina CooksonAfter waking to find the Village deserted, Number Six returns to England but doesn't know whom he can trust there.6977-
Dance of the DeadNovember 261967Mary MorrisNumber Six tries to save an old friend headed for destruction at the hands of the Village.23882
CheckmateDecember 3,1967Peter WyngardeNumber Six thinks he has a means to tell the prisoners from the warders, and assembles a group for an escape attempt.341194
Hammer Into AnvilDecember 101967Patrick CargillNumber Six takes revenge on a sadistic Number Two for the death of another prisoner.14121410-
It's Your FuneralDecember 171967Derren Nesbitt
Andre Van Gyseghem
To save the prisoner who is being set up to take the fall, Number Six must intervene in a Village power struggle and prevent the assassination of a Number Two.11101011-
A Change of MindDecember 311967John SharpNumber Two stirs the Village to ostracize Number Six, and then takes even more drastic measures to cure Six's "unmutuality".13111312-
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My DarlingJanuary 7,1968Clifford EvansDeprived of his memory and placed in another man's body, Number Six travels back to England to seek a missing scientist.1213913-
Living in HarmonyJanuary 14,1968David BauerIn an Old West setting, a lawman who resigned is trapped in a town called Harmony where the Judge wants him to be the new sheriff -- by hook or by crook.10141214-
The Girl Who Was DeathJanuary 21,1968Kenneth GriffithNumber Six tells a fairy tale in which he avoids the assassination attempts of a beautiful woman while foiling the plots of her megalomaniac father.15151515-
Once Upon a TimeJanuary 28,1968Leo McKernNumber Two subjects Number Six to a desperate, last-ditch effort to subdue him, Degree Absolute -- an ordeal that will not end until it breaks one of them.161616166
Fall OutFebruary 4,1968Leo McKernNumber Six finally discovers the identity of Number One, and escapes the Village. Or does he?171717177

Here's the 'bad guy':


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