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At the party, after the item below, I happened back inside and ran into one of the other people who I've been picking on on the air for that ridiculous Navy circus affair.

I pointed out that I'd just been told that I was the only environmental activist in the county who still smoked (which is quite incorrect--I'm apparently the only remaining one who will still hang out with these folks, though).

He went off into a little spiel about 'helping' me.  I find this condescending approach less than polite, but I'm used to it in this realm of chipped shoulders.

The funniest part was when he pointed out that I wouldn't get any of the girls to kiss me.

Now, given that the level of attractiveness of the females in that room as a composite value between 1 and 10 was about four, that was kind of a ludicrous statement to start with.

Given that I've actually met and spoken with a number of them at length enough to know that many of them are as homely inside as out (the cause of the outward unattractiveness, I'm sure), it was somewhat hard not to giggle.  

In fact, that's been pretty much the story here all round.  I met girls, then I got to know them. End of story.  I've not met a girl within a thousand miles of here that still actively intrigues me (in a romantic sense).

Of course, nobody really actively intrigues me much anymore, anyway.   All I've got to do is consider that they have to be somewhat crazy to be attracted to me.  It's an amazing fact to have to work with.

But it's the 'waking up alone' feature that's the hardest to displace.  I've enjoyed not having anyone around *so* much that it would take a lot to even think of relinquishing that simple pleasure.

When his significant other showed up, he did give me a decent description of a 'healthy' relationship: complimentary pathologies.

He didn't know that I personally prefer smokers as girlfriends (but no indoor tobacco smokers).  I guess that's a 'complimentary pathology'.

I also prefer strong women.  Clever and lazy are good, too.  Honesty, self-awareness and self-acceptance, and integrity past self-interest are also requirements.  Weak and fearful women give the gender a bad name; I wouldn't be caught dead with one again.  She should be as pretty or prettier than my sisters, too (hard task, there).

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