No, there's NOT enough

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Merideth Smith, from the Mendocino Cafe in Mendocino was one of the nitwits who listened to the lame-brain, Rosalind Peterson (the woman with the nefarious 'map inset').

She's on the air right now, warning us about the "massive oceanic death" associated with the 'expansion' of the Navy's test area (which she erroneously stated included northern Mendocino County).

At least she gave a link that let me get the right spelling for the nitwit.

She's a contrailer, too.

2008 Parade Magzine Snapshot Raises Questions

Now, for those of you that are unaware of the mechanics of cloud formation, there are invisible 'waves' of air which, at their low-pressure points, and capable of cloud formation, while the high pressure points absorb more moisture, inhibiting them.  Essentially, what you are looking at in a 'cloud' is simply the low-pressure areas in the air.  As you might have noted, there's normally a 'border' (clouds have 'linings' whether they're silver or not).

If you put a hot moisture source, such as human breath or jet exhaust, into a cold environment, the air that was warm turns cloudy.  If you do the same in warm air, it doesn't. 

If your jet is riding right at the border between a warm and cool layer, it will leave contrails in the cold area, but not in the warm one.

Anyway, Merideth and Govinda are on the air right now doing the "There's enough for everyone" chant (to lull them into belief).

Anyway, no, there's not 'enough' for everyone.  That's apparent.  There's not been 'enough' for some decades now.  All you have to do is look at the rivers and lakes to see that there's not even half 'enough' (since 'enough' would indicate a surplus somewhere).

But no one wants to address the actual issue (four billion surplus humans, at least).

'Enough' for everyone would mean that we all got to live where we wanted to and that we all had food, water, medical care, education to suit our whimsy.

All of us getting to have rice and tofu forever is *NOT* enough, sorry, but it's not even adequate, let alone being 'enough'.

But then, some of us who have these really intense desires for other goals need to think there is, or else they might have different conclusions to come to.

And Govinda was right, supermarkets (grocery stores) are a somewhat new concept.

However, there has *always* been a market.  That's what they called it before they called it the 'super' market.  The wiki actually makes a point that the real improvement that the grocery store made was the 'self-serve' aspect (the only interaction that the customer had previously was with clerks who filled orders).

The difference, as I understand it, between city and rural life has long been that distinction.

In the rural areas, one raises food, and brings it to market.

In city areas, one goes to the market to get food that the rural people bring in.

In *real* cities, this is a place (like the Farmers Market in Dallas, TX). 

In faux cities (incorporated rural areas), one often still sees some kind of 'market day' phenomenon (ours here in Ukiah is Saturday).

Dallas Farmers Market
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DallasTX 75201
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