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I should mention Dana (and his hot, apparent ex-wife, Medical Marijuana Barbie).

Dana caught my mis-send of the mail message (missive) this week.  For my loyal readers, you owe #48 of this year to him.

And he jogged my memory of other items, like the *easily* curable nature of most addictions via the semi-hallucinogenic, ibogaine.  

So, that said, here's some Ibogaine links:

Effective addiction recovery therapy using Ibogaine

Fifteen years ago, we discovered an ancient natural tribal remedy in the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to Gabon and other nations in West Central Africa. This substance is called Ibogaine and it has long been used in shamanic rituals of initiation and spiritual quests.

In more recent times it has been discovered that Ibogaine has the property of interrupting substance addiction. With the help of this natural extract, addicts can experience symptom-free withdrawal, a true full physiological release from chemical dependency. With a very specific type of counseling following ibogaine treatment, they are able to focus on underlying causes to heal the psychological aspects of addiction as well.

Ibogaine brings about addiction interruption by neurochemically transporting the addict to a physically and psychologically pre-addicted state, where they can evaluate their habits from the standpoint of a non-addict without having to suffer through any terrifying withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance. It is frequently reported that subjects using Ibogaine experience visions of an informative or healing nature directly relating to the problem that prompted them to seek help. Some undergo Ibogaine therapy for treatment of substance abuse, others seek spiritual or emotional growth. For the addict, both can be accomplished at the same time. Often spiritual or emotional damage is at the heart of a substance abuse problem, and this healing is vital to true recovery.

Ibogaine treatment provides an alternative to drug addiction, abuse, and to the treatment programs that are simply ineffective. It is easily administered, in capsule form, and has no addictive effects itself. When used in a clinical setting with proper client screening procedures, the drug thus far has proven to be extremely safe.

Because ibogaine is such powerful force in restructuring one's chemical state, it must be administered by a trained professional. This therapist can provide guidance during the dream-like state to ensure the full benefits of the treatment.

Please take the time to explore our website and see if it answers your questions on whether Ibogaine is right for you or your loved one. If you have any questions that aren't answered within the site, please contact us for a free phone consultation.

View of Beach

Treatment Center in Mexico
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"It may change society and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people." -Simon Witter, journalist

Healing Transitions:

The limited success of most treatment initiatives has left those in need of drug and alcohol rehabilitation with few options - until now. 

Healing Transitions Institute for Addiction Recovery is now offering a revolutionary new drug detox & alcohol detox treatment programthat is designed to break the vicious cycle of substance abuse addiction. This pioneering and comprehensive rehabilitation program uses a revolutionary drug, Ibogaine, in combination with new behavioral interventions and time-tested techniques.


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