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General Motors, once the symbol of American industrial might, is now 1/25th the size of Toyota, and smaller than Bed Bath & Beyond.

Fashion designer Claudia Escobar sells an ultra-mini-bikini made out of salmon skin for $495.

Salmon Bikini

After three months of testimony costing taxpayers over $1 million, a mistrial was declared in a drug conspiracy prosecution in Sydney, Australia, after it was discovered that five of the jurors spent most of their time in court playing Sudoku.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice joined the KISS Fan Club and was given a backstage pass.

Gerald L.K. Smith, a Disciples of Christ minister and white supremacist, pioneered the field of Holocaust Denial when he said that most of the Jews alleged killed by the Nazis in death camps were actually alive and well in New York City.

Televangelist Jack Van Impe says that the United Nations is placing secret codes on the backs of national highway signs in order to reveal the locations of believers, so that the New World Order can persecute them.

Texe Marrs, head of Power of Prophecy Ministries in Spicewood, Texas, claims that Jimmy Carter, the PTA and the Masons are involved in a conspiracy to destroy the American government, and that the conspiracy was discovered by Pat Robertson, who is also now part of the conspiracy. Marrs previously claimed that Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno were involved in a lesbian plot to destroy Christianity.


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