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About this time a year ago I was coughing up toothbrush bristles.

I realized something mildly funny about the "Dr John's" (later Crest) Spinbrush that came apart when the wrong toothpaste was put on it.

The 'wrong' toothpaste?

It's from the same company that owns the Spinbrush now (can you guess?):

Now, the weirdest part here is that the company that makes the Crest toothpaste, Proctor & Gamble, isn't the company that makes the Crest Spinbrush.


You might recall them by their old logo:

Isn't the little red '666' in it just charming?

That's likely an Amway production (at least, they were the ones that were found to be spreading the rumors that it was a *satanic* symbol).

Amway had to pay $19m.

So, now, when you see the Crest logo, you'll know for sure you don't know whose product it really is.

Incidentally, PG stock is currently at $51.16 a share, however, if you have stock with the *old* logo, *that* stock is running at $249 (on sale)

Procter & Gamble Company with Moon and Stars Vignette - Ohio 1976 

Procter & Gamble Company with Moon and Stars Vignette - Ohio 1976

Normal Price: $299.95
Our Sales Price: $249.95pad

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