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Yeah, it takes the Russians to accurately report this news on TV.  We won't let Americans know that the TOP question on Americans' minds is "Legalize Pot?":

The Top 10 Questions Americans are Asking Barack Obama

"Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?"
"What will you do as President to restore the Constitutional protections that have been subverted by the Bush Administration and how will you ensure that our system of checks and balances is renewed?"
"What will you do to establish transparency and safeguards against waste with the rest of the Wall Street bailout money?"
"Will you lift the ban on Stem Cell research in your first 100 days in office?"
"What will you do to promote science and mathematics education to Elementary and Middle School students?"
"Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor - ideally Patrick Fitzgerald - to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?"
"13 states have compassionate use programs for medial Marijuana, yet the federal gov't continues to prosecute sick and dying people. Isn't it time for the federal gov't to step out of the way and let doctors and families decide what is appropriate?"
"What do you plan to do to our food industry to make it more sustainable? Will there be changes to our farming policies?"
"What will you do to end the use of mercenary forces (ie Blackwater) by our military?"
"What will you do first to reduce pollution/waste and incentivize greener behavior across the country?"

Go to see the results yourself.

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