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I should add (to the below) that since the divorce, I've had a number (four) of rather bizarre non-sexual relationships with women who STILL lied through their teeth to my face (even though there was no real point to doing so, one would presume).

The only one who's been forthright in that relationship thing is 'Video Girl Ai', who is lovely and charming.  As Doc Savage (the Man of Bronze) put it, "You're a Brick!"

On the other hand (outside of my family and friends) I'm starting to suspect that many women lie simply for entertainment (somewhat like some men just get into fights for fun).

Like I said below, I stopped assuming that other people were even remotely like me, without constant proof of that (usually delusional) concept.

And I've got plenty of proof that some people just say stuff that not only isn't true, but obviously isn't true on even minimal examination.

I would have to conclude then, that if there are a lot of women who lie for fun, this is because there are a lot of men who aren't really paying a bit of attention to what they say.

People only repeat *constructive* behaviors.  I guess listening in some men, and reality in some women, is just not considered very constructive towards their ends.

Dunno what those ends are, but I can be sure they don't match mine.

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