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Ok, so I've told you from time to time that I subscribe to a number of newsletters that most normal old hippies would find bothersome.  However, they occasionally give me such gems that it's worth reading through what amounts to a daily stream of hate mail.

To wit: Today, they sent me this:

No. 29 of 365

Diss Avatar (method 1).
Liberals love Avatar. It's the film with everything: oppressed native peoples; a disabled hero; mixed-race (actually mixed species, even better) romance; dumb, probably Republican-voting baddies coming unstuck; Mother Gaia in the form of a pretty, shiny tree; an environmentalist theme. Therefore, never refer to the film as Avatar; instead, use the title of South Park's horribly accurate parody: Dances with Smurfs.
from James Delingpole's, 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy,

Ok, so that, in and of itself is tacky (and perfectly representative of the kind of third-grade approach to politics that one finds in the 'conservative' arena), but what's REALLY funny is the reference.

You see, I'm not on the umbilical cord here, so I don't see what's 'on' unless it's what's rebroadcast on the NTSC antennas (kid you not, my 'TV' works fine, still, and will until 2012).

But SouthPark isn't broadcast, so I don't keep up.  I had to go hunting for the reference:

"Dances With Smurfs" is really only a side-note in this episode.  What it really is is a scathing rip on Glen Beck.  It's terribly funny, with a nice twist at the end, and Cartman as Beck is chillingly accurate.

The funny part (why it's here in the blog) is the Glen Beck crowd were the people who pointed me at it.

I really do love them as entertainment.  Morons on parade.  But what would you expect, I mean, we already know that they think Stephen Colbert is 'for real'.

The first person I recall using the Smurfs motif in description of "Avatar" was actually a terribly progressive writer I know who said it was like they redid "Ferngully: The Last Rainforest" with Smurfs (this was a few days after it came out).  That's actually a closer allusion than the "Dances With Wolves", IMHO.

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