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Since my brother demanded I take him off the list that gets 'The Ouique' because he'd been part of the commentary (musing on the stupid things that come to mind in a person who's got serious organic brain dysfunctions).

The rest of you, however, don't get a 'free pass'.  You aren't idiots who've had your brains turned to swiss cheese by radiation.

It will be *ANOTHER* travesty if Iran (the 'father' of civilization, if Iraq was the 'mother') is  nuked (and it WILL be nuked if you aren't actively stopping it, and, of course, you aren't).  You freakin' idiots.

My brother has (somewhat of) an excuse (removal of great swaths of gray matter with radioactive 'knives').

The rest of you?   What?  You don't read?  You don't pay attention?  What?

You will lay waste to 1/3 of the Earth through your ignorance and fear.

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