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I have been mentioning that these milia are coming out of me, and that I feel so much incredibly better overall that I'm now sure they are some kind of infection.

I'm also pretty sure that over the last three days, my immune system (not my allergic anti-parasitic response, but the real deal) has recognized this as an invader and has learned how to make proper antibodies to it.

I'm pretty sure of this because I've been 'feeling' different.  I've got WAY more tactile sensation in my hands (and my feet?  I might need to start wearing shoes).  It's as if each milia has grabbed onto the local nerve, and as they get expelled, I go back to being able to use them again.  I might even be able to read braille.  

And now I've got proper calluses on my fingertips (guitar player).  It's amazing how they feel, since they are actually supple and quite sensitive now (the old 'callous' was a hard plate of yellowish skin, these are 'flesh' colored like the rest.

But the thing that was the most incredibly amazing was lunch.  I went to McDonalds and got an Angus with mushroom and swiss (and mustard, of course).  That was an hour and a half ago.

It tasted *SO* delicious.  I was amazed.  It was just a fast-food burger (and fries--the reason I went there was I felt like fries today).  Every bite was heavenly.  It was like I was eating ambrosia from the gods.

And the other thing that amazed me was that I didn't eat it all.  I ate about 2/3 of the burger, and 3/4 of the fries, and I was full.  I even tried giving it a little while, and coming back, but I'm just not hungry.

Now, THAT is amazing.

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