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And I'm rearranging the bits, so as to make a more effective psychological demonstration.  For instance, this was the *bang* ending.  I think it makes a much more effective 'stance' statement to start with, so I will start with it instead:


Now, they are real big on the 'secret message' (Faux News) thing.  Everything else is *sham* news (since it doesn't fit their preconceived notions--i.e., it contains facts).  It's all part of the 'liberal media' scam to rule our minds, yano.

Pity they don't bother to double-check the American media against the world media like I do.  It would be pretty clear that there's only two major information sources here, corporate news, and sheer disinformation.  The few 'left' sources available are almost entirely internet based.


Yeah, most of these crackers are factory workers, construction workers, service industry types.  They sure are poor now.  I remember when those were all mostly union jobs and the rate of pay was much higher overall (even for us non-union folks in Texas--rising tides float all the boats, yano?).

For instance, when I was in my early twenties, and I was a moving van driver/packer (crew chief), I pulled in $12.50 an hour.  My friend Michelle, who was a trainee checkout girl at the supermarket got $13.50, and would be getting the standard $25/hr. at the end of her first year.

This is when a comic book was a quarter, tickets to the Rolling Stones were on the order of $17, a two bedroom apartment, bills paid (electric, gas, water) was $330/mo.

But Ronald Reagan 'saved' us from those nasty unions, and pay's dropped since (yet all the prices went up--how funny).

The crew chief who moved me into my apartment here in California in 2006 got $8.50 an hour, and the loaders got minimum wage.


If paying attention were your forte, you'd note that the ignorance is on the other side of these issues.  Really, read the 'Times of India', or maybe the Canadian press.  They cover our government a lot better than the American media (well, they don't get into the 'Dancing with the Stars' aspect as deeply, but then, we've got that covered.


Yes, it was surely the fact that we *have* muslim employees that was the issue, and not the concept that subjecting an individual to a task in which his persona is being defined as 'evil' by his superiors to the troops he is assigned to 'support' might have some peculiar psychological side effects.


You can't both respect a peoples, and train your soldiers to disrespect them.

However, in order to effectively fight a war, you have to dehumanize the enemy.

Gee, did we build a conundrum?

The stupidity, obviously.  It's all over here, and there's not a smack of liberalism to be seen in it, I think (other than my rantings).


This should be reworded as "Angry member of the Proud Mob"


Sure, just try taking over one more country and it will fall like a house of cards.


Now, *this* is where it starts getting funny.  Impeachment?  Normally, there's 'grounds' for impeachment (high crimes, misdemeanors, semen stains, something).

WTF do you think you are going to use as those 'grounds'?  That he signed a bill sent to him from the Hill?


Freakin' morons.  And morons with money!  It's amazing what the rich will pump up to get some relief from supporting the wars we prosecute on their behalf (not like *I'M* going to get rich off the oil in Iraq whether it's owned by the international corporations, or as it was previously, the property of the people of Iraq).

And this, this is the funniest of all.  You see, half the people *ARE* disgruntled with the politics of the country, but these teabaggers don't actually look deep enough to see what the underlying numbers really are.

Half of the disenchanted are, in fact, teabaggers, and they are really angry and all, but they represent such a small minority of the citizenry (noisy, annoying, but still, small, er, for those who have math problems, you are only 25% of the population, not even enough to stop a Constitutional Amendment).

The other half (such as myself--part of that 75% liberal majority) are disenchanted because we're tired of fascism, and corp-people coming out of the closet, and we want social services, and bridges that don't fall down, and enough money to staff the food-checkers so we don't all get poisoned (again) to start with, and enhanced laws permitting collective bargaining formation, election reform including Instant Run-Off and Proportional Representation methods, Open Source electronic voting machines with voter-verifiable paper ballots, and tax reform (starting with removal of the FICA cap), too.  Perhaps withdrawing from our attempt to take over the world, and putting a tax on falsehoods to cover the withdrawal might be a fun thing to do, too.


There's no freakin' way that they will 'overthrow' the Dems.  

The question is whether the conserva-dems will get primaried.

I didn't include the full set of vitriol, but you are free to peruse them here.

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