Made my week, perhaps year, maybe even a high-water mark

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You see, I've had to suffer you quantum egotists my entire life, and listen to you try to place your uncertainty where you were more comfortable with it (out there).

All along, I've understood you to be wrong, but incapable of seeing your error, since the same failure of concept that kept you from seeing it, keeps you from seeing it.

It just happens that a former NASA scientist has written a book on precisely the topic I've been blathering about from a mytho-poetic point of view for some time.  

I figured, if my vision is right, it will match his.  He's a numbers guy, but I'm just doing concepts. Let's compare notes.  So, I write him.  He's at

I was unprepared for the level of acceptance:

On Apr 4, 2010, at 9:49 PM, Richard Haley wrote:

I'm reading your overview of 'quantum matter' and it sure looks right from my (non-physical, spiritual) understanding.

I've been seeing visions of how space 'worked' since I was seventeen.  I'm fifty-one now.  

My non-mathematical understanding goes as such:

We live inside a fluid which has higher tensile strength than steel, which is essentially as invisible to us as water to a fish, and from which all 'matter' is created.

True - very important!

'Matter' is the phenomenon created by gravity within this space-time fluid.  Gravity is the force that bends space-time past our experience.  Each 'particle' of matter is a point of gravity sucking this fluid out of existence.

As the fluid funnels out, it creates a main, spherical, standing wave surrounding the singularity (every point of matter is a singularity where space time bends past existence--it's just that the black holes, being agglomerations of bunches of individual singularities, stand out even in our universe).

That inner sphere (a proton) has another standing wave (in most configurations) which is in 'orbit' (a bigger sphere) above the smaller sphere.

Globbing the big spheres together makes the standing waves orbiting have to find more space in which to be a proper vortex (electron shells).

In some instances the standing wave may actually be able to be re-packed back onto the inner sphere, making it a neutron.

You know every detail. You have become the professor.

If you get enough of the spheres together, they tend to aggregate (sucking up the space between them), and if there's enough of them aggregated, they suck enough space in per unit time that you can actually walk on them w/o falling off.

Dear Richard,

You have grasped the WSM beautifully!

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