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Alex Jones interviewed by CNN actually is worth listening to. Without an open-ended timeframe, he's succinct.

He's right, yano?  The truth is very much out there.  It was out there in OKC, it was there in Waco, and it's still there.

Just look up the Anderson Cooper stuff he mentions if you doubt it.  Wolf Blitzer worked for AIPAC, too.

What really makes me curious is why (given their track record) the majority of Americans 'trust' the major media, and consider Alex a nutjob.

If nothing else, go back and research the protests before the Iraq war started.  I reported on them on the air, but my (perhaps) two-hundred viewers aren't much of an audience.  The 'major' networks all reported (as did the papers) that there were 'small' protests.  Free Speech TV broadcast it live.  There were quite obviously over half a million people visible in NYC, and from the news it was clear that at least two thirds of the potential protesters were being kept from arriving by the cops.

These fuckers are lying through their teeth 24x7 to you.  It's not like it's 'FOX' that's the problem (they're just over the top).  All of them are doing it.

And they *know* that you are a bunch of  morons, yano?  It's not like *they* believe the shit they shovel out to you.

It's a pity that the cell-phone couldn't get the CNN questions.  Alex makes up for that though.


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