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So I went to a local bar that was showing the Super Bowl so that I could see 'the commercial' and The Who!

I didn't find it offensive.

Maybe I should clarify.  I am in favor of a woman's 'right to choose' (I'd never inflict my morals on another w/o proof).

But I'm personally, 'pro-life' (never aborted anyone, don't plan on it in the future, not even by proxy).  There are plenty of ways to ensure that a child doesn't occur.   I was married to *two* fertile women (for the most part, not counting the last few years with the latter one), and the first one was *TRYING* to make a 'mistake', and I still didn't have an accident.  Even if you only count eighteen years of missing the mark, one *can* do this.

On the other hand, it's a human life.  It's obvious in this society that this is not only *NOT* *sacred*, it's freakin' DISPOSABLE.

Now, if you want to make a point about how we shouldn't kill the BAY-BEEZ, perhaps we might start with a conversation about how we aren't going to be killing the adults.

I find myself in an utterly defensible and sensible position, often between such ludicrous positions as 'pro-death-penalty/pro-life' and 'pro-choice/animal's rights'.

One can't be 'pro-life' and be in favor of a) the death penalty, b) war (of any sort).

One can't be 'pro-choice' and be anti-anything that's choice oriented (like smoking, eating meat, wearing leather, using cannabis).  If it's *your* body, it's *mine* too.

Leastways, not w/o also being hypocritical, but that seems to be the human condition.  People want their *own* freedom, but don't generally give much of a shit about other people's freedoms.  That's how slavery got by for so long, and how women got the short end of the (less than thumbs'-width) stick, and how gay people are still being maligned.

But, would I abort my own child?  Sure, if I thought it the right thing to do.  I've avoided that predicament so far, but should I be presented with (for example) a Down's syndrome baby (whose DNA differs more from a standard human than a chimp's does), sure.

If I knew my child would starve (or die some other horrible death), I might even commit infanticide.  

If I knew my child were evil (like a sociopath/psychopath), I might even commit murder.

The latter is a self-defense statement, the middle a quality-of-life statement, and the first just a quality statement.  I've got some standards, yano?

I'm pro-life, but I'm pro-*QUALITY*-life.  Worthless life is (by definition) worthless.

Maybe I'd be a little less caustic on this point if (at this moment) Texas wasn't about to kill someone who they *refuse* to test DNA on to determine innocence, and we weren't *still* killing all sorts of innocents in *two* countries.

I'm still pro-life, but I understand mercy killing, and I know the difference between human and not.

One shouldn't just go about killing things as a standard method of doing *anything*.  It's just the wrong approach.  It's not aikido.  It should always be a dance.  There should be a partner in death if it's not natural.

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