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Or does the idea of threatening a human animal sound a bit hypocritical for an 'animal' rights activist?

Weir scared after anti-fur threats

VANCOUVER -- US men's figure skater Johnny Weir said Saturday he was so rattled by "threats" from anti-fur activists that he opted to stay in the Olympic Village rather than a hotel for security reasons.

Weir, 25, received threats after wearing a costume trimmed with genuine fox fur at US nationals, which lead him to change it for the Vancouver Games.

The American had initially planned to avoid the Olympic village as he had not enjoyed his experience staying there four years ago in Turin.

But faced with the threats he is now sharing a two-bedroom suite with US ice dancer Tanith Belbin.

"All those crazy fur people definitely changed my mind," said the former world bronze medallist.

"Security wise, staying in a hotel would be very difficult. There have been threats against me. Threats of harming me personally, so I didn't want to get hurt.

"So I decided to stay in the village and my team has made it as comfortable as possible. I don't want any outside influences to hurt my chances here."

Weir defended his decision to wear fur.

"I have no argument other than I like fur, I like fur products, I like things that come from dead animals. We all wear leather skates made from cow. I'm an easy person to pick on because I'm very open, I like fur.

"It's easy put your cause against an athlete going to the Olympic Games, it's good free publicity for these activists."

He added that it would not stop him wearing fur again.

"If I still want to compete, if I felt the costume needed fur, I would wear fur. If all this happens again I get a bodyguard."

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