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Dual-citizenship should be eliminated.  If you change countries, you should give up your former identity.  Nobody should have two passports.

If that were the case, then this story wouldn't be able to happen.  But it's not the case, and so, it did (click the link to get the FULL story--this is a James Bond style hit):

Brown pledges probe into theft of British identities by 'Mossad' hit squad as hunt is launched for SECOND woman assassin

Last updated at 2:07 PM on 17th February 2010

  • Israeli foreign minister shrugs off possibility of diplomatic row with Britain
  • 'There's no proof it was Mossad,' says Israel - as it hides behind 'policy of ambiguity'
  • Dubai hunting six more suspects - including a second woman
  • Why choose us, ask men whose identities were stolen by 'Mossad' hit squad

Gordon Brown today promised a 'full investigation' into the use of faked British passports by a hit squad who assassinated a Hamas commander in Dubai.

The Prime Minister said: 'We are looking at this at this very moment.

'We have got to carry out a full investigation into this. The British passport is an important document that has got to be held with care,' he told London's LBC Radio.

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The second female assassin: Dubai police launched a hunt today for this woman, caught here on CCTV entering the Al-Bustan Rotana hotel where the murder took place while disguised as a tourist. She is believed to have been part of a final surveillance team in the hotel in the hours up to the killing. What name/passport she was travelling under has not been released

The smiling assassin: Hotel CCTV captures the woman pretending to be Gail Folliard grinning on camera in the hours before the killing of Mabhouh

The first female assassin: The woman pretending to be Irish citizen Gail Folliard smiles as she passes under a CCTV camera during surveillance of the hotel

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