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One can't really *trust* the wiki, yano?  A lot of folks *want* it to say what they already believe, and if it contradicts them and causes them cognitive dissonance, they 'fix' the problem.

A good example is the swastika/sauwastika problem.  Some years back (before it became so well known) I read an article on the wiki about this image.  It was very clearly put.
A hemispherical cup anemometer of the type invented in 1846 by John Thomas Romney Robinson
The 'rotational' aspect of the images are as if they are blowing in the wind (like a anemometer).
If it's rotating 'clockwise' it's a swastika, and it's a good luck charm.

If it's rotating 'counter-clockwise' it's the sauwastika, and it's the bad luck sign.

Now, given that most westerners have been cleansed of critical thought, as well as most geometric skills, it may be difficult for you to imagine the rotational aspects, but just trust me on this, the Nazi one spins counter-clockwise, and the 'Seal on the Heart of the Buddha' spins clockwise.

Not just that, but *use* the critical thinking skills that remain:

The symbol is from the Indian sub-continent, and it's *their* symbol.  What kind of market for a Buddha with a bad-luck sign on it do you think there might be in a culture that *knows* which of the two is which?

An image of Gautama Buddha...

And really, the symbol didn't give the Third Reich any good luck, did it?

That said, here's the 'fixed' wiki:

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