Revolving Doors

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You might have been through one.  Neat inventions, them.  They exist for a reason, yano?

You see, a high-rise building works exactly like a chimney (hot air rises).  In the first buildings there were some problems with the doors blowing themselves open, so the revolving door was invented to prevent the airflow issue.

In later buildings, other strategies were adopted, for instance, sealing off areas of the building so that they weren't actually 'one' building, but multiple buildings (airflow wise) stacked on top of one another.

The WTC was just such a building.  It had three hermetically-sealed zones, and was constructed specifically to prevent airflow between them.

So, when they show the footage of the horrible destruction on the *GROUND* floor on 9/11, noting "It looked like a bomb had gone off", even though the 'official' explanation is that the force of the explosion propagated down the column, that *can't* be true (couldn't have blown past the top third of the building, by design), then by definition, it's a *LIE*.

That said, here's some video with that footage at the end.  Look for yourself, and then, wonder, "What happened there?"

It sure *looks* like a bomb went off.

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