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You know I've been eating these herbs that have been doing *weird* things to me.  My working theory (now) is that there is some kind of symbiotic relationship between HPV and yeast, and that somehow, they are able to (most of the time) fool the immune system into letting them hang out.

I think what the herbs are doing is somehow 'marking' these cells as foreign (which is why my body is ejecting them as fast as it can--making my skin 'bubble' up with little chunks of keratin).

So, I've been looking for the 'tell'.  I think I just found it.  You see, last week, I woke up with a *horrible* gash on my leg (just the scab--mostly brown, but jet black in the center).  Now, I'd had some wine the night before, but I was pretty sure that I'd have noticed something like that happening even if I was blotto, and besides, there wasn't any blood on my pants (and from the size of the gash, there should have been plenty).

So, I just let it go, and waited.  Today, the scab started coming off in the shower, but when tugged on it, it seemed like it was stuck.  I took a forceps to it when I got out, and yano what was under it?

A bunch of seborrheic tissue!  Just like the rest.  There's a chunk about as big as a thimble sitting there (slowly being dumped out).

When I was a kid, I ripped my leg open there.  The doctor had to snip off some of the flesh that was hanging out, but he tucked the rest back in and sewed it up.  I don't believe it ever properly 'healed', but I think it's about to.

When I first noticed it, I put some of the witch hazel on it, and when I looked later, a brownish stain had leaked out of it.

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