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My mom asked me not to write about this so much, so I've backed off, but she videophoned today, and was 'warning' me about what I should do, so I figure it's fair game this time.

My skin has been turning inside out since August (on the last mix of herbs).  Now, I'm not *sure* what it means, but when you think of it (I'm eating anti-parasitic herbs, vermifuges, and I'm losing big chunks of myself), the fact that the doctors are mystified is the curious thing.

In any case, that my arthritis is being replaced (temporarily) with seborrhea is annoying (and gross) but much better than being arthritic, I assure you.

The funny thing is I was trying to treat a cough, if you recall.

In any event, I had to pass on heading down to Lodi to hang with my peeps on Tday, because the current place that the cracking/oozing/weeping/shedding thing is going on is around my mouth, and I didn't want to put my nieces in the predicament of having an obligation to kiss a festering face, or have to be sitting across from someone who had to look at me while they ate turkey and stuff.

Kinda sucks, but it's really much better overall to hang here.  Between that, and the fifty-first birthday with the swine flu I've had a banner week.

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