Jewish Timeline on Iran's 'Nukes'

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It's from JTA, so it's a horse's mouth thing.

Now, here's my read (between the lines as well as the lines listed):

1) Iran independently and of it's own initiative informs the IAEA that it has another nuclear plant due to come on line in eighteen months (one year ahead of it's responsibility to do so, in fact).

2) the USA and Israel make a big deal out of the leak of this confidential information a week later.

3) Israel continues to bang the war drum about these *legitimate* non-military nuclear facilities (IAEA *approved* facilities), much like they did when lying about the previous facility (making it look rather nefarious in this video).  Of course, I'm assuming that their mockingbirds planted that story as a viral video (and if you are assuming I could be *wrong* about the likelihood of this, you'd be incorrect--it's just the odds that are in question, not the question of whether they intentionally manipulate the info stream).

In any case, we have a legitimate application to the IAEA for certification of a non-military facility well within the timeline which could be expected for *ANY* other country.

Except, of course, that little theocracy in the mid-east with a documented history of murdering pretty much anyone that gets in its way, and a high percentage of documented (and somewhat rationalized) racism.  

Yano, the one that has thermo-nuclear weapons?

The one that *still* refuses the IAEA inspections of its (denied) facilities (like Dimona).

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