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I want to point out that one can be against war-crimes, plundering, pillaging, raping, killing for pleasure, etc. w/o being 'anti-soldier'.

It's much the same as being against police brutality, and in favor of civil rights, while still supporting the idea of having cops.

The *job* remains.

Honestly, if firemen regularly stole objects of value from the houses that they saved, and we all knew it, would anyone be in favor of eliminating the *job*???

If soldiers are capable of participating in war crimes, this is because they missed some basic civics class points.

In fact, if people who were so 'up in arms' about the government actually noted the construction thereof, any disconnect between the two would be resolved in as many years.

Of course, I live in a culture where there is an industry built around supplying 'paranoia' (such as info about the 'tac-marks' on the backs of road signs), which doesn't actually address the issue (like, buying some rolls of colored reflective tape, and marking the backs of *all* the signs, and altering the markings on the ones you suspect are 'tac-marks').

Nobody is *pro-active* anymore (at least, the societal 'somebody' is snoozing during a commercial break).

Perhaps what we need is remedial civics for all Americans (two hours a week 'till the problem is gone).

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