Yano I Think Ahead, Right?

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So, when we get to that 'policy' that defines childbearing rights, there's something to consider: women have *two* genetic heritages to pass on, while men have only one (their 'genes').

Women have also got Mitochondrial DNA to pass on.  They pass it on to all their children, but only their female children further 'passing it on'.

So when we get to the 'culling' we need to ensure that we keep copies of *all* the M-DNA, which could be lost if we aren't careful.

It's kinda like the 'heirloom' seed thing.  We don't want to lose any rootstock, but we *DEFINITELY* gotta lower the herd numbers so that herds of buffalo are still a viable option (gives new meaning to 'flyover', eh?).

It would be best if we could all get profiled so that we knew what we were working with (and paid special attention to ensuring survival of unique items).

Most people are thinking 'offensively' (how to maximize returns).

We need to think about how to minimize investments while retaining rate of return.

Unfortunately, this has a *nasty* side-effect.  The folks who have made their living off of the ponzi-scheme of malthusian-over-reproduction will lose their shirts (and won't go down w/o a fight, of course).

But yano, I am under *serious* water rationing right now, and the id-jits that run the place are discussing ways to *expand* it.

My civility degrades with the length of my showers and warmth thereof.

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