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So, I got a message from Troll about taste-testing salsa.  I got about a half-paragraph through and realized that they were tasting fru-fru salsa (chunky, fruity, and 'medium').

Now, 'medium' is fine if you are recording, or if you need psychic help.  In salsa, like in sex, however, 'medium' just isn't really enough.

So I thought, I'll share my recipe.  I liked it, and I was amazed to have figured it out (it was *so* easy--I just over imagined how *good* it was, and it wasn't, nothing not canned here).  So here's 'Chuys' salsa (as close as I can get, not like I stole it from them--just figured it out).

One big can of roasted tomatoes.
One large (not giant) can of pickled peppers (the kind w/onions, carrots in it).
one bunch fresh cilantro
Ground cumin
Lime juice

Open the pickled peppers and put all in the food processor, removing the stems from the peppers in the process.  Pulse until evenly chopped into small bits.   Add the tomatoes and run for thirty seconds to a minute until evenly blended and no large chunks remain.

Put in a saucepan on the stove and bring to a simmer, mixing in spices to taste (chop the cilantro fine and add it after off heat).  Save the lime for last to adjust the acidity level.

Put in the fridge to cool.

Now, if you want, you can buy fresh organic tomatoes, and roast them yourself, and the quality of the product will only be mildly reduced.

If you buy fresh organic peppers and roast them, however, the quality of the results will be devastated.   The 'tart' aspect of the dish comes from the pickle juice.  Replacing it with lime makes it taste like candy.

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