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I don't normally include the web readers in many personal items (not that they're not interesting, just not germane if you don't know me).

But these health things, they are *really* getting weird.  I started combining herbs when I got here to CA (and could legally use the most important medicinal herb).  I've been having some *incredible* results over the last two months with the latest mix.

I've been re-discovering layers of my body which just "weren't there" (and since they weren't, I didn't know).

It's very similar to last summers redefinition of the video standard, where my 'max colors' and 'max pixels' increased.  One of the notable items was when I got 'abs' (never had them before as I understand it now).

However, this morning's little oddity bears some mention in and of itself.

I'm in the shower, and I've got a stretch going I've never had going before (and since I'm all warm from the shower, it's going great), and I crack a bit of my upper back that I don't even recall a chiropractor hitting, and *WHAM*, it's like my fingers are on fire (serious pain, just like burning).

But *only* on the sides.  Back of the hand feels fine, palm of the hand feels fine, but the sides of each finger have now got a lot more sensation than I'm acclimatized to.

The effect now feels much more like chilblains.

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