Gee, I *HATE* to Say I Told You So ...

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But I did, yano?  Sometime back, in fact. I was reading this problem when I was reading about the *real* creation of the Grand Canyon, the Dakota Badlands, and the Snake River Gorge.

You see, they didn't form 'over millions of years' (it took about a week, as I understand it).

If you don't understand physics enough to know that seeing liquid water on the surface of ice is fucked up, think about ice cubes, and where they naturally sit in the glass.

Having water on top of ice means it's melting faster than it can sink.  That's *BAD*.

If you hear that the dam breaks, and you are on the east coast and less than 120' above sea level, head for 120' above sea level unless you like surfing.

Of course, us here on the west coast?  Well, we will get to see the 'San Joaquin Lagoon' (never did answer me when I told them, 'build the dyke now, get the Dutch in on it ASAP').


Arctic Pics Reveal Cold Truth


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