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What if Americans were curious and industrious like they used to be?

What if they took informed action when being assaulted by other political entities trying to trample their rights?

What if Americans took a page from the Gaza playbook?

I'd be intrigued if any Americans took it upon themselves to deal with the Pharma/Medical/Insurance lobby that has so strangled the healthcare debate the way that the Palestinians (individuals, mind you, not the government) have been dealing with the 'settlers'.

Do you think there could be a group of Americans who got together to piss on charcoal enough to stuff a bit of pipe with the 'gunpowder' and shoot it at, for instance, Kaiser Permanente's home offices (or the lobbyist offices in DC).

But really, Americans are too ignorant of history, and too self-absorbed to 'get involved'.

It's sure nice to *imagine* a democracy, though (got some great copy to hand to prospective body-bag residents before we ship them out).

Unfortunately, in a 'democracy', the individuals operate in an 'informed consent' environment.

America, on the other hand, is a 'deceived consent' environment.

And yano, I'm fuckin' *clueless* as to how this environment is maintained, outside of the obvious: You have abandoned your civic duty as citizens.

You might not *think* of it this way, but it's *your* job to go out and investigate your Congressman/Senator/President.  It's your only job, and it's an important one.

Because whoever wants to put that person there (and had the power to effect it), is putting out the message that "X is a *great* guy" (right, I mean, this is *marketing*).

There's a better than fifty percent chance that your congresscritter just *didn't* vote to get YOU the best healthcare, but to get THEMSELVES decent campaign contributions.

So, *this* time, let's let them ALL lose, huh?

Beats the shit out of shooting piss-tubes at 'em (but not by much).

I'm starting to get this kind of bizarre admiration for Ted yano?  His manifesto is essentially accurate, and though his method was harsh, it's not quite as *harsh* as the method used on us.

Thom Hartmann had a GREAT turn of a phrase today: "Pay or Die Healthcare" (vs. Single Payer Healthcare).

Nobody really gets it.  While these monstrosities we've created have 'life' (legal personhood), we are fighting a really difficult battle.

All we have to do is pass a Constitutional Amendment that says that corps are 'pets' not people.

I'm closer to admitting a chicken is a person than TransAmerica or WalMart.

No question it's got a soul, but I don't know if it's got an intellect and 'knows' itself in that sense.

Blue Cross can't even catch a cold, let alone burn in Hell forever and ever and ever and ever.

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