Stefan Glock sent me a *conspiracy* post

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Rumors that these are the end times might be true.  It's quite unlike him.  That shoe's usually on the other foot, as it were.  

Regardless of the portents, this is not rumor, it's true, and there have been rumors (for some years now) that iTunes deletes mp3s of imported songs (not purchased).

Why 2024 Will Be Like Nineteen Eighty-FourHow Amazon's remote deletion of e-books from the Kindle paves the way for book-banning's digital future.

Jeff Bezos and a Kindle. Click image to expand.Let's give Amazon the benefit of the doubt--its explanation for why it deleted some books from customers' Kindles actually sounds halfway defensible. Last week a few Kindle owners awoke to discover that the company had reached into their devices and remotely removed copies of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm. Amazon explained that the books had been mistakenly published, and it gave customers a full refund.

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