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Ok, I know you all grew up with the 'Big Bang' and 'Quantum Physics' and all that rigamarole.

But, just for a moment, consider that Einstein and Fred Hoyle might have been right, and Jah doesn't really 'play dice'.

If you have an *infinite* universe, then (by definition) there will be a great deal of it 'blacked out' after you've properly mixed Einstein into the 'white background' problem (too much mass past a point to see, since all the light's curved back--with the 'point' of blackness seeming redder and redder as it approaches).  Of course, there would be the random gravity lens that would allow perhaps a bejillion extra galaxies to show up at one point or another, but generally, a black background.

If it's infinite, then (by definition) it must be 'continually created' (since it's changing).

My media for this mechanism has always been 'space-time' itself.

The logic for this has been *really* freakin' simple.

You are in an elevator that changes acceleration in an abrupt enough manner that you 'sense' it.

What are you 'sensing'?

And what 'flow' of that sensation is directed downward, and why?

And what's the relationship of a black hole to a hydrogen atom (it was one when it started, yano?).

I personally think it has to do with the question of 'time' and 'mass'.

I think time is the 'flow' of this stuff (which is why it *CAN'T* go backwards) and 'mass' is the little mini-blackholes that we are made of.

Now, Paris Clueless tells me that I've *got* to work on my wording to 'get my message out', but really folks, this is freakin' physics.  If I don't get it out, it's not like they'll eventually discover something else.

The real question is that of the 'standing wave' and whether one can create one of enough amplitude to 'clip' the wave (yah, I know the Europeans are hunting the Higgs, but they're Europeans, yano?). 

Jah knows what will happen if you hyper-extend existence itself.   I'd sure be up to it, if the job was offered.

All you have to do is have enough focused energy in one space at the same time.

It's like blowing Klipsch's.

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