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One can lead a whore to culture, but one cannot, in fact, make her think.

I'm on a project right now where, on every turn, my point that "the previous step" was not completed has been overlooked in place of the priority of 'putting the product out'.

One of the 'previous steps' was fixing the reporting system.  My preference would have been to fix it with a static monitoring system, but the system they had in place was 'email reports'.

I pointed out that these kinds of email report systems were prone to awful flurries of emails which tended to clot one's mailbox up, and it was always a better idea to have these emails delivered to a different mailbox so as to not make one's regular email account unusable.

But that suggestion was not only ignored, in fact, I was given a secondary email account with a *limit* on it (which would generate an error if the limit was exceeded).  Luckily, I was able to redirect that email to an account that didn't error on overage.

Unluckily, one of their staff doesn't have that option.

So when I awoke to find 1,087 unread messages this am, I can count on at least 15,000 more to come in in a week about how the one who couldn't have the option offered's mailbox is *full*.

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