CocoRosie: God Has a Voice, S/He Speaks Through Me

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I saw this video listed on a profile at a dating site, and I was absolutely fascinated.  I got the iTunes version to examine it in more detail, and at the full frame rate, the bg images are changing on *every* frame (in those scenes).


How my tears made love to you
Watching dolphins in the sea
The Earth is a pretty place to be
How my tears made love to thee

Black bodies float in the sea
We can see
but we can't see me
a starlit shroud like the dark to you
Laughter echoes in my private room

Kissing fireflies on the beach
Something something we can be
Everyone has love to give
Hearts will teach us how to live

My body wept
My fear was so free
The water softly
tickles me
my heart is pounding waiting for 
the ocean deep with love to lift my veil

Crystal light shines through mine eyes
God has a voice, she speaks through me
Every creature loves to be 
in his arms please carry me

I'm happy in the light of day 
My skin glows bright in the sun breeze
My shadowed world seems so far away

My angel told me not to fear
Love is free from everywhere
Listen to that special part
It will save us, its the heart.

God has a voice he speaks through me
God has a voice she speaks through me

Crystal light in every creature
Crystal light, (in every creature)
Everyone has love to give 

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