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Yes, the man that they made fun of for *years* (because he was a top-notch scientist, which always makes the others jealous--and he had a terribly funny sense of humor).

He pointed out before I got to college that he'd 'proven' that memory was stored in the brain as a molecule.  He just hadn't gotten down to the molecular level (he theorized it was stored as RNA because when he ground up the brains of worms and fed them to other worms they 'learned' from their dinner).

I've noted recently that (if one has large enough sets of memories to work with, such as layouts for various networks) one can actually sense this load/unload function (and it makes one terribly sleepy to have to re-do this level of swap-out too many times in a day).

So that's two 'discredited' theories revisited with success this year (the other being the re-crediting of Pons and Fleischmann with the discovery of 'cold fusion', since it's real).

One can only hope for Fred Hoyle to be vindicated.  This 'bang' crap is an illusion.  The universe is a continuous-creation system.

And of course, there's always Michelson-Morley:

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