Yeah, It Sure Looks Like She's a Spook

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American Journalist Roxanna Saberi was working as a *translator* (freelance) in Iran when she got caught buying booze (not permitted there), and in the process, was found to have internal Iranian documents regarding the American occupation of Iraq in her possession.

But of course, she didn't *show* them to anyone (right?).  And I've got some land in Florida that I can let you have for pennies on the gallon.

Jailed US journalist Roxana Saberi 'had secret document on war in Iraq'

The American journalist Roxana Saberi was jailed for espionage in Tehran after obtaining a confidential Iranian document about the American invasion of Iraq, it was claimed today.

Saleh Nikbakht, one of Ms Saberi's Iranian lawyers, revealed that a document Ms Saberi had obtained while working as a translator for a powerful clerical lobby had been used as evidence to convict her on charges of espionage.

Ms Saberi, 32, was released on Monday after an appeal court dismissed charges of spying and reduced her eight-year prison term to a two-year suspended sentence.

Abdolsamad Khorramshahi, the lead defence counsel, said that she had "accepted that she had made a mistake and got access to documents she should not have".

However, no classified information had been passed on, he added.

Ms Saberi apologised for keeping the document, and the court reduced the charge against her from espionage to possessing confidential documents.

Ms Saberi obtained the document that was used in her conviction while she was working as a freelance translator for the Expediency Council, a powerful body in Iran's ruling clerical hierarchy.

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