Yano, I had the most interesting interchange ...

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My neighbors had some guests who had dogs.  I assume from the configuration that it was dykes with bitches.  I got along with the critters immensely.  I think their names (forgive the spelling) were Izzi & Lexi.

In any event (name-wise) the brown one was terribly friendly, but eventually got caught in my patio (because the owner left the leash on her).

I tried to convey this info (don't leave the leash on her around here, unless you get a much thicker leash), but the required volume was misinterpreted by her (assumed) partner as some kind of 'attack' (terribly curious).  In any event, I think the message was gotten across.

After I'd realized I'd been bitten by the second of the dogs in the entourage, I tried to get my neighbor to let me talk to the owners to assure me that they had their shots.

I had the most interesting interchange.  It was terribly 'territorial'.  It sucked in oh so many ways.

You'd think that even locals might understand why one might wonder about rabies.

The most interesting thing is this broken wood item (which broke during our 'interchange' though I don't recall it and the accuser didn't explain how I actually 'broke' it).  It's the handrail in the front.

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