The Sorry State of Affairs

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I'm watching the news (waiting on the sugar story).

Now, I'm out here in the boonies, and one expects to find crappy availability and short supplies of things in places where most things aren't sold.

So, the idea that my choices are limited is already a done-deal.

On the other hand, I've noted a problem in the 'local shop' concept.  There are so many shitty businesses in business here that aren't actually businesses (fronts for selling other stuff).

Today, I went to the folks that I thought sold tobacco here, but they forgot to order it.   Of course, in the *real* world, this would be a fatal error.

I suspect that if the 'mega-mall' becomes a reality (which I still support in the correct location), it will drive out of business the few remaining actual local 'providers' of things, while not affecting the faux retailers a whit (since nothing affects them, as their 'business' is fictitious, anyway).

In short, there will be the 'mega-mall' and there will be the BS retailers who don't actually have stock, and then,  there will be the few actual local retailers who do go out of business.

I pity them, but really, they should have been paying attention when the 'competitors' showed up.  It's still a good point, but it's a mite late in arriving.

When my mom and dad visited me some years back (after I first got stuck here), we all went wandering about.  We came across a store that the three of us concluded *had* to be a 'front for dugs' (since they didn't actually offer any 'value' at the location).

Turns out it *WAS* a 'front for drugs' and the proprietor retired.

I get an "A" for prescience and a "F" for projection (I really shouldn't be here with you morons--I mean, that's freakin' transparent if my *PARENTS* can tell it's not legit).

OTTS, the only prop that looks like it will pass right now is prop 1f (no pay raises for politicos in deficit years).  There is *record* distrust of government (79%) across all spectra.

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