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I should note before I forget that the splendid, well produced *booklet* (yes, BOOKLET), actually, damn-near a freakin' magazine, about the 'Swine Flu' replete with a *cool* green bio-hazard logo with the 'H1N1' text overlaid on it, also in green) arrived at the MEC almost instantly after the announcement of the 'emergency' (which has claimed almost 1% of the annual flu deaths in the USA, per one of my callers).

Now, this booklet (full-color) includes reprints from our local newspaper (re-typeset), what appear to be scans of official press releases from Mendocino County, as well as articles from the Huffington Post and

It's not the professionalism (although that stands out by far compared to the other lame crap that shows up at the station for the most part).

It's not even the topic (as we get regular scare tactics about all sorts of crap out here).

It's the timing.

Yano, these hicks out here are slow as molasses on a bunch of things, but it seems that whenever there's some idiotic concern to take the mob's attention and redirect it, *THOSE* things show up fast, furiously, and well-funded.

It's like they've got some kind of 'rainy-day fund' for stupidity.  It funded the nefarious map-insert 'bombing area'.  It's funding the NIMBY 'green-power' people who lie about whales to keep from having to look at energy being produced off *their* shore (much like those rich folks on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard that 'support' wind power, just not there, where they pay lots of money to 'get away' for the 'natural beauty').  Natural beauty in oceanic views are commonly found in those *very* places where wind and water wreak their greatest havoc.

Kinda sucks for the richies, eh?

Anyway, I suspect when I find such morons with such funding that there's an 'ulterior' motive (like the lies about the whales being the basis for keeping the power generators out, and bashing the Navy, as well).

The point here, if you actually listen to the presenters is quite different.  Let me clarify:

1) We paid a lot for this land to look at empty water, and we will fund any enemy of this project, in any fashion.

2) We will, of course, lie about anything and anyone to get our way.

3) We will continue to undermine anything that is in our way in every possible way.

It works the same with the drug war liars.  It works the same with the 'meat is murder' liars.  It works the same with the 'smoking is (comparatively) dangerous' liars, or the 'guns are violence' liars, or the 'queers are sinners' liars.

It works the same with *any* religious proselytization (and don't fool yourself, *all* of the above are religious cults).

In order for them to promulgate their (false) beliefs, they always have to resort to lies.

In other countries (say, Canada) where the 'free-speech' laws (as they relate to public falsehoods) are a bit more restrictive, you see much more civil discourse.

Here, the Salt Institute had to sue the Federal Government to try to *force* them to release their data upon which their product had been maligned (lovely filing, BTW), yet since it was the feds, and a fed judge, the case was thrown out for 'lack of standing' (supposedly, a citizen or corporation can't sue to enforce the "Information Quality Act").

So, basically, though the science supports the (simple) assertion that it's eating so many carbs which is the basic underlying health issue in this country (and specifically, mercury-laden carbs, and mostly fat-covered fried carbs), we will continue to have to find this through a smokescreen, under a film of animal fat and grease, after breaking through a solid layer of salt (while dodging sugar-frenzied 'athletes').

Of course, after so much mental exertion, it's nice to sit back with a glass of red wine and some almonds, walnuts and cheese, with perhaps a clove of garlic, some sprigs of culinary sage, and parsley (wormwood?) as an after munchie palate cleanser.

Or maybe just a glass of water.  It turns out that much of the time, people who aren't paying attention mistake thirstiness for hunger, yano?

Because, if your body is functioning correctly, and you have ten pounds of fat left, you should be able to go all week without eating.

If Americans fasted more often, they'd have an appreciation for such things, but really, most of them can't get past 'break-fast' w/o going into a sugar-stupor (and wouldn't think of leaving the house in any other condition, for the most part).

I find it curious that people who eat so much for breakfast that they end up having to 'work it off' don't apply this same logic to other aspects of their lives, like getting up earlier so they can drive more out of their way to get to work so they can buy more gas, or leaving the windows and doors open more often so they can spend more on air-conditioning and heating.

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